Friday February 24, 2006

My tax refund showed up in my bank account this morning! I’m doing a happy dance. Though the entire thing goes to stupid sales tax for my car– so it’s a short-lived happy dance…

I am officially the coolest person you know because I have the cutest new phone. And I bonded with the tanning bed lady last night because she has one too. I am a huge nerd.

Work is busy this week because a couple people on my team are out– which is good for me because they’re giving me things to do that I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise get to do. But it’s Friday and said people will be back on Monday and things will be back to “normal” which will be nice.

Two weeks from today I will be in San Antonio! with my family! and probably still sleeping

One thought on “Friday February 24, 2006

  1. Even a short-lived happy dance is better than no happy dance at all…

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