Friday February 17, 2006

YAH!! New Car!! Yesterday, at lunch, I went to Fayetteville Auto Park (formerly Landers) and picked up my car! It’s so cute. I will post a picture as soon as I get home– well maybe tomorrow. I am supposed to play bartender at the Boat Show tonight, so I probably won’t get to mess with the computer, but I promise pictures! I am so relieved to have a car– and one that was exactly what i was looking for! I put Laura in charge of picking a name for her, she’s supposed to get back to me on that.

This has been a big week, I worked Valentine’s Day at Outback and it was crazy busy. Yesterday I bought a car. Last night, we drove to Missouri to get Powerball tickets– I’ll definitely be letting you know how you can help me spend $365 million. Yesterday was a fun Mail Day. TWO notes from Mom and a package (Princess Chapstick) from Laura. Yah, Mail! I put my name on not one, but two waiting lists for a pink razr phone. I got a plane ticket to go “home” in March to see my family! I work tomorrow, which should just about do me in, but I am off Monday! So I will be sleeping and cleaning the house–

AND I finally got a copy of the Big & Rich CD, which is fabulous.

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  1. I leave you comments all the time!!  I heart my sister, Sarah.  :)

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