Friday February 10, 2006

4 thoughts on “Friday February 10, 2006

  1. Even better will be the “I found the car I was looking for Dance”  good luck on the search… 

  2. Haha, let’s hope said sucker doesn’t somehow find your Xanga!

  3. I had seen 137 of those movies, by the way…. I WIN!   :)

  4. Yeah!!!!  I’ve had moments like that in my life.  I remember one car that I traded in at a very reputable car dealership.  They gave me a ridiculous amount for the trade in.  I was shocked and jumped at the offer — I knew it was a good deal — they didn’t.  Well……when I drove the car in to make the trade, I was driving on prayer.  I made it!!!  After I left (with my new car!) the salesman got his butt chewed because it really was a piece of junk and he never had it inspected BEFORE he made the deal and we made the trade.  I got a phone call from him about how they had to jump-start it just to get it into the bay to begin work.  He wasn’t happy.  I was!!!!  Yeah….I remember a dance like yours, Sarah!

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