Tuesday November 22, 2005

this week has not started well. last night my car broke down. it is in the outback parking lot and will not start. since everyone has so much free time this week– i don’t really know when it will be rescued.  tonight, i waited on the customers from the deepest depths of restaurant hell. i waited on them from 5pm until after 10pm. they stiffed me on a $96 tab, but tipped the bartender. they were mad because– among my other crimes– i charged them full price for everything they ordered. apparently they are used to special treatment which they do not deserve. they are horrible and i hope they never come back. that– and that alone– will make it worth the money they didn’t tip me tonight. i’m tired of being a waitress.

and i have yet to see chicken little. i planned on seeing it tonight– which was supposed to be my night off… i went in as a favor to mo.

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