Tuesday November 15, 2005

i just heard laura say “i have a new word. i made it up sitting on the toilet this morning.” that kind of honesty inspired me to write.

moving yesterday went well. dad was afraid it would rain but NO RAIN. YAH! and no major incidents while moving. we seemed to have a bee problem outside by the truck. one of the movers got stung and laura offered to pee on him. he politely declined.  other than that it was a productive day. the house looks so much different with furniture in it! but there’s SO much unpacking to do. and as dad likes to say, you know you have too much stuff when you can put it in storage for 14 months and not REALLY miss it.  the house looks great. i think laura got some pictures yesterday so i’ll post those when i get them. mom, i can really tell it’s your house. you’re going to love living there. though, you’ll probably just move into the sun room and function out of IT! it’s my favorite!

i think we’re going to see “in her shoes” tonight. yah! sisters! and i leave first thing in the morning.

fyi: the new word from the world of laura is “splentastic”.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday November 15, 2005

  1. You are SUCH a liar.  But not about the new word… isn’t it great?!  :)

  2. I’m so glad you were part of the moving event.  It would not have been the same without you!!!  Must admit — it would have been better if we’d all been there — together!!!  Love, Mom

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