Tuesday October 25, 2005

i am some kinda whiney and fussy today. it’s cold, i’m tired, my tummy hurts, i have nothing interesting to report… it’s hard to compete with laura’s spurs-novel-turned-xanga-entry.

my birthday was sunday. it was nice. the night before, my mom called a little after midnight and it was great to talk to her. i ended up getting to talk to everyone in my family.  we went to see Ace and ended up going with keith and don and cindy to the Rib Crib in rogers, and to the movie “Waiting”– which I highly recommend, especially if you have ever worked in a restaurant– it was hysterically funny.

i’m feeling blah today. forgive the boring entry– i just didn’t want to get yelled at by my sister because i haven’t updated in a while.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday October 25, 2005

  1. you will feel better after a couple of rita’s on the riverwalk the night of 13 Nov.   I just hope we have nice weather….   til then,,, Dad

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  3. You are so smart. I totally would’ve yelled at you had you not updated today.  So thanks!  :)

    As for my spurs novels- I apologize.  I know how boring it is to everyone else- but I’m just a dork… deal with it.  Once you go to a game- you’ll totally understand. 

    Glad you had a good birthday!! 

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