Friday October 7, 2005

my week-long xanga hiatus is over. it has been a busy week! i trained in the bar this week, and i am IN LOVE with being a bartender at Outback.  it’s kinda the best of both worlds. it’s the better hours that I already prefer in Outback as opposed to Cool Water, AND i now get to deal more closely with “bar people” which i definitely prefer to waiting on people with their messy, loud kids.  i’ve managed to find something that combines what i miss about CW and what i like most about OB. :) p.s. i also make more money.

i can’t believe it’s october 7th. how did i miss the whole first week of october?! wednesday was keith’s birthday– we went to powerhouse and willy Ds, though no normal amount of “birthday embarassment” works on that man. he loves the attention. and i’m not sure the pianists at the piano bar knew what they were getting into when they started in on him. :)

school is still going strong. looking for a job– which is making me anxious. i’ll be done with school in 2 months. it’s starting to sink in. i got bonus points for one of my classes yesterday for sitting in on a speaker from Wal-Mart. it was jenni! funny how things happen, huh?

it’s 12:34, i got up 30 minutes ago to take my vitamins and what not, and now i think it’s time for a nap. this is the first morning i’ve even remotely slept in, all week, i’m milking it for all it’s worth. my tummy is rumbling though, which may be enough for me to venture out for food.

One thought on “Friday October 7, 2005

  1. Yay!  Sarah updated!  I was starting to get worried…    

    As a “San Antonian” I have to believe that Wal*Mart is the devil- but I’m still happy you got to listen to Jenni speak about it.   :)  You, and Keith, and Don, and Jeff- and whoever need to come and visit me!  Maybe bring them all for Thanksgiving?  That’d be most exciting.  

    I love you!  I’m glad work is going so great!     And be very careful with the thermal pore reducer… yikes!

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