Wednesday September 14, 2005

so, update on the foot-in-mouth incident– i told Mo (manager at work) what happened for his own personal entertainment.  and he decided that it was SO funny that he would share it with everyone at work. so last night was fun…

also, something to ponder. last night i waited on a table of 7 people that came in right as i was supposed to be cut from the floor.  they immediately informed me that they were from New Orleans, there was one younger man with them that they kept calling Reverand who was clearly in charge– he asked to talk to the manager.  Mo found me after that and said they wanted to know if they could get their dinner discounted. it was one lady’s birthday so he comped their 3 appetizers, drinks, and her dinner.  then they all ordered filet and prime rib– running up a bill of nearly $200. Mo comped it down to $120. I brought the birthday girl some free birthday ice cream, which she didn’t want and asked for something else. so i brought her some cheesecake.  now. while i admit it was nice of this young minister to feed these people and i can even recognize that it was nice to do something for the lady’s birthday– i can’t help but think of how much further $120 could go for these people. just a thought.

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  1. ps- kudos on the daily posting!!  

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