Tuesday September 13, 2005

so, fortunately, it’s been awhile since i’ve had any real drama to share. i was due. leah and i went to la huerta for a late lunch yesterday. (we like to say “late lunch”– it makes us feel cool) toward the end of our visit, i asked leah about a girl named jen that i work with at outback that is from mountain home.  i couldn’t remember her last name so i was trying to describe her to leah.  i wasn’t being flat out mean about her, but we both agreed she’s a little on the unstable and abnormal side. anyway, things were said. (i am in no way trying to incriminate leah, and i should ask her permission to use her real name in this story, but i don’t think she’ll mind)  so we get up to leave and i hear “hey sarah!”. i turn around to see the booth behind us full of people i work with at outback! i was so caught off guard that i waved and walked away. so first, i am a big bitch talking about some girl at work. then i don’t even play it off and go talk to these people from work– i act like i don’t even know them. i pretty much ran away. i ran off so fast i don’t even have a clear picture of who all was at the table.  i remember 2 of the 4 faces.  so i don’t even know who i may or may not have pissed off.  leah said she was going to use it as an example if she had to tell her class about “putting your foot in your mouth”.  i’ll keep you updated on what will no doubt be an increasingly hostile work environment.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday September 13, 2005

  1. ouch.  that’s rough…  maybe you should learn from me and keep your mouth closed!   :)

  2. haha…oh, that made my day. not that lunch with you didn’t. that definitely would have made my day had i not gotten to see you open mouth and insert foot. keep me posted on the search for your new job…hehe

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