Thursday September 29, 2005

i seriously need a digital camera. i went to the drive-thru wilderness safari in gentry with andrew and devon yesterday. i hadn’t been since freshman year… devon and andrew are regulars… i took all the pictures on today’s post with my camera-phone. the llama pictures are for llaura

we brought andrew’s weenie dog , toby, with us. toby is the 3rd cutest dog i know. (after ace and chip)

that one is toby in the front seat with devon. the next one is andrew holding toby while he barks at either an ostrich or a llama, i can’t remember.

there was a cage with some baby tigers in it. the guy at the front gate told us we could go in and play with the tigers and if they got too “playful” to just “tap them on the nose to make them mind”. these are TIGERS. so we go in the fence, the only security for the tigers being that the latch on the fence was about 5 feet off the ground and there was a sign saying ‘no one allowed under age 13’. anyone who could reach the latch on the gate could go in and snatch a tiger. not to mention these are wild animals that could scratch/bite/maul you at anytime– we didn’t sign anything or talk to anybody about “safe ways to play with baby tigers” we just opened the gate and went in. they were SOOOOOOO cute.

that one is of me trying to convince the tiger not to pounce on toby. the next one is of the tiger attacking my legs.

here is devon and andrew and toby and a giraffe. andrew thinks the giraffes are toby’s cousins.

and i thought this alligator was cool. we only saw him on our second drive thru. that’s right, we drove around twice…



after we spent far too much time at the safari, we went to the little debbie store, which is also in gentry, and got some very yummy nutty bars.


5 thoughts on “Thursday September 29, 2005

  1. good pictures for a camera phone.  which andrew are you speaking of?

  2. I am SOOOO jealous!  Glad you had fun! (Also glad you followed the rules this time around the adult tigers…) 

  3. hehe- in that picture of devon and Andrew with the giraffe– it looks like Andrew has his hand on Devon’s rear end.  :)  

  4. I love the pictures.  Your big brother will be jealous that you got to play with a real live baby tiger.  Love you mucho ~~ Mom

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