Thursday September 15, 2005

mmmm waffle fries. chic-fil-a waffle fries are easily in my top 10 favorite things of all time.  you know, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and waffle fries…

so i have this unfortunately long-running problem with Chartwell’s and straws.  drinking straws.  today was just a minor incident, but it’s been worse in the past. today i spent a good 2-4 minutes of my time in the food court trying to figure out why every drink station was out of drinking straws. so by the time i gave up and got in line to pay for my waffle fries i had to wait behind all the people who don’t have issues with straws, it’s not fair. i asked the cashier where the straws were to which he rudely pointed (through a wall, i might add) to the napkin/plasticware/paper bag station on the other side. if only i could force myself to drink out of the side of a glass that i didn’t personally wash… oddly enough, the seinfeld last night had a similar theme. jerry’s girlfriend (kristin davis of SATC fame) tells him she put something in his apartment in the toilet but she doesn’t tell him what. so he throws out nearly everything in his apartment because he can’t take the chance.  she did this to get back at him for dropping her toothbrush in the toilet and then not telling her before she could use it– 

 the straw battle started last summer when i would join the orientation ADs in the quad/brough for lunch.  now, i have been eating in brough since summer/fall 2000 and had never had a problem acquiring a straw.  last summer, upon request, i was told that brough does not have straws and has never had straws available. this is simply not true.  if they want to tell new freshmen that there are no straws because they get stuck in the dishwasher, that’s fine, but don’t insult me by telling me that there have never been straws in brough. i know better. and now with moving the straws from beside the pop machine and cup/lid display to 20+feet away…. it’s ridicurous.

One thought on “Thursday September 15, 2005

  1. I think you should stay away from Brough.  You never have good experiences there…

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