Sunday September 18, 2005

so thursday night i was mislead to believe that brooks & dunn were going to have a concert after the Springdale/Jenks football game Friday night.  needless to say, it never happened and i was very disappointed… though i had to work anyway and i’m not a big fan of high school football– or football for that matter…

i thought i found morgan nick tonight, but it was a false alarm.

work was long today.  and the hogs are losing.  <the name of that smiley is “bummed”> i miss my dog.

3 thoughts on “Sunday September 18, 2005

  1. hahahaha…i know this probably makes me a bad person, but i laughed my ass off at your near-finding of morgan nick.  nice.

  2. Who the heck is Morgan Nick? 

    I like the bummed smiley… it looks more like he’s been caught being bad.

  3. you lived in arkansas long enough to know who morgan nick is… come on.

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