Friday September 23, 2005

So, i can post pictures again! here’s some pictures of my mom. the first one is of her and a friend of hers, and the one at the bottom is just her.

don’t forget to visit her at

i’ve been working a lot… tuesday was my 12th day in a row. had wednesday off and went to eat and hang out with my new friend jana. she works at outback with me and she’s really sweet.

oh! i had a cabot encounter the other night. i waited on josh barnett and his now-wife janelle. it was wierd. they were jodi dodgen’s age and were always at the dodgen’s when we were hanging out over there and josh was in debate with jeremy adams and nathan mccarroll and whatnot. anyway. small world of cabot…

haircut today! i need it SO bad.

One thought on “Friday September 23, 2005

  1. I like the one where she’s missing an arm…   

    The masses have voted (which means me) and you’re coming to SA for Thanksgiving. We’ll miss the Nutcracker- but we will get to see RENT!!  :)   love you, sister!

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