Wednesday August 3, 2005

I was recently reprimanded for slacking on my xanga. Apologies. 

I started my new job Monday and it is wearing me out.  Actually, I’m just tired today because I didn’t get my nap yesterday. Today I have time for a nap though, so no worries.  Outback is fun so far.  Waiting tables is waiting tables, I just have to learn their crazy ticket writing system.  I’ve waited tables long enough now and have trained myself not to have to write anything down.  At Outback, you HAVE to write down EVERYTHING or it doesn’t get made.  Everything you turn into the kitchen is handwritten. So extra this, 86 that, extra plate, dressing on the side, everything is a symbol– but it’s not SO hard and I’m catching on.  They color code and organize everything very well though so I can deal.  So far so good.  And, Dad, there’s a big “Wombat Xing” sign in there that I’ll have to take a picture of when I get a chance.

I got the results of my JR English Exam today! I wasn’t worried about passing it until I had a bad dream a few days ago about failing it.  So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Only 7 more days of summer school. This summer has flown by! Fall classes start 22 Aug.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday August 3, 2005

  1. I ordered a Bloomin’ Onion and a pint of Foster’s like 2 weeks ago and I STILL haven’t gotten it.

  2. Outback doesn’t deliver, silly.

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