Wednesday August 31, 2005

And my life is further enriched by E! True Hollywood Story…

In 2001, Snoop Doggy Dogg announced that he was getting into women’s underwear – in a manner of speaking.

The rapper had apparently agreed to license his image to a new line of women’s underwear designed by New York fashion designer Ivy Supersonic. The items would feature an image of Snoop on the crotch – and would be called “Snoop on the Poop.”


In other news– I made two Bs in my two classes this summer.  Well last week I ran into one of my professors at the WCOB block party and he congratulated me on my A in his class… I informed him that I got a B… He told me he must have made a mistake and to come by and he would change it.  Yesterday, I went by his office and he said he’d submit the paperwork to change it.  Yah 3.5 for the summer!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday August 31, 2005

  1. He was probably drunk when he said he’d change it, and then hung-over when he actually did change it…  Not to take away from your “achievement”.    


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