Thursday August 11, 2005

Have you seen these “Millennium Baby” license plate frames? When I first saw them, I thought, “Isn’t that neat. That person had a baby born on the first day of the millennium. Good for them.” But now I see them everywhere! Could all of these babies possibly have been born on the first day of the millennium.  It’s not as cool to realize that every freakin’ baby born in the whole freakin’ year got one of those things.  Or maybe they give them to every baby from now on. Any baby born since the year 2000 gets a license plate.  Is this cheapening it for the Jan 1, 2000 babies? I’d be pissed.

One thought on “Thursday August 11, 2005

  1. I haven’t seen these license plate frames- I think you’re making them up.  Crack is whack, Sarah.

    By the way- I’ve decided you’re coming to San Antonio for an Amy Grant concert on October 30th.  And Jeff is invited, too.  And crazily enough- that’s when we’ll be moving into the house!  So you two can help!!  I’m a genius!  Mark your calendar.  :)

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