Tuesday July 26, 2005

mmmm movie popcorn.  i DO love movie popcorn. and i am not above buying whatever size necessary to get the free refill option.  and i am pretty good at deciding which 35 seconds i can afford to miss in the movie in order to get my popcorn bucket refilled. yep.

i went to see charlie and the chocolate factory tonight. it was just ok. the art and sets were amazing– but (and i never thought i’d say a cross word concerning him) johnny depp was creepy.  he was mean to the kids in the movie and i just didn’t like him.  i do, however, LOVE Freddie Highmore.  I hope he’s not one of those adorable child actors who grow up to be repulsive– like Macaulay Culkin.  I hope he grows up to be just adorable as he is now– along the lines of Ricky Schroder.

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