Thursday July 7, 2005

Happy Belated 4th of July! I went to Galveston to see my family this weekend– which was really great.  Saturday morning, 10 hours of driving to Crystal Beach… Saturday night until Monday night, 3 days of no work, no TV, no Fayetteville, sitting on the beach doing nothing, drinking starting at 3 in the afternoon, sleeping outside on the deck listening to fireworks until 4am… Tuesday morning, 11 hours of driving back to Fayetteville.  There’s not a more relaxing weekend in my recent memory.  Despite my mom’s constant nagging about school and “Grandma’s Gumbo” (which truly deserves its own entry) and the hardcore rednecks and ricers getting their vehicles stuck in the sand every 6 minutes– it was a great weekend.  It was really nice to see everyone.

So, I have officially run out of excuses not to graduate from college.  I started class yesterday and for the first time in approximately 3 years, I actually have the desire and attitude to graduate.  It doesn’t scare me any less, but I know it’s no longer avoidable.  I have 6 hours this summer and 9 in the fall and I’ll be done in December.  Seriously. I am anxious and scared and ridiculously poor, and when it’s all over I’ll probably still be a waitress, but in 6 months I will have a college degree.

2 thoughts on “Thursday July 7, 2005

  1. I think “grandma’s gumbo” should be left alone.  It’s over- it was not a fun time- but it’s over. 

    And yes- this weekend was awesome.  I vote for it becoming an annual trip.


  2. You didn’t mention the agility of a certain person, who can drop from decks with a single leap and climb back up with a, well maybe a couple of leaps and some grunting to get back up, but all is now well, glad to hear about the college plans… love always, Dad

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