Friday July 1, 2005

Cabotian sighting: I saw Nick Robertson at Cool Water wednesday night.  Turns out, he’s friends with Justin (who turned out to be a Catholic High Boy– which I never saw coming) and Brett who work at CW.  Nick and his brother Cody went to church with us at CUMC.  Nick is Laura’s age (i think) and Cody was a year older than me.  Anyhow– I stopped and talked to him for a minute.  His parents still live in Cabot and he goes to school at UA.  We gossiped about who ended up where and whatnot. This just in: Cabot people are EVERYWHERE.

I was walking out to the car this morning and almost stepped on a bird in the middle of the sidewalk.  This chubby little bird was sitting in sidewalk, and didn’t even flinch when I walked by.  I stepped right over him.  I looked back and he was hopping away. Maybe I woke him up– he needs to find a safer place to take a nap.

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