Wednesday June 1, 2005

Congratulations Tom! I got back Sunday from 5 days on “vacation”.  I got to see Tom graduate from West Point and I got to see a bunch of family that I don’t get to see often.  It was SO much fun– but very exhausting.  I’m still recovering… I know what everyone really wants to see are pictures, so here ya go. (Unfortunately, I am still in denial of the 21st century and digital cameras so these pictures were taken with a disposable camera.)

2 thoughts on “Wednesday June 1, 2005

  1. yay for tom!  i didn’t realize it was so soon.  and aren’t you a cutie with your blonde hair.  ;)

  2. It was so weird showing people those pictures. Everyone was like- “who’s the blonde?”  I used to be “the blonde”… *sniff*   :(


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