Wednesday June 8, 2005

I mentioned my new favorite drink in my last post, but neglected to tell you about the rest of the evening. Diageo– a liquor company that owns such labels as Smirnoff, Crown Royal, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan’s, Tanqueray, and Bailey’s– had a launch party at Cool Water for a new product–  Captain Morgan’s Tattoo.  It’s being marketed to compete with Jagermeister– though it tastes much better, in my opinion.  Basically, these people threw a big party, invited every local distributor of alcohol and went through a couple cases of this new rum.  I was bartending for this little shindig, which was way fun.  We also had all their other products available at the bar, but most people drank the Tattoo or Private Stock– and there was a select group that was all about the Don Julio Reposado.

If only my job were to travel the area “promoting” my product by throwing parties for local liquor distributors… it just doesn’t seem fair.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday June 8, 2005

  1. Honey- you need a new hobby.  Something other than alcohol.


  2. hobby? it’s my JOB.

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