Tuesday June 7, 2005

I saw one of my favorite people in the world today. Patrick Wilson, who I have known since forever and was close friends with in high school, dropped by Cool Water today.  It was so good to see him.  We will always have that “no-longer-in-the-clique” thing to bond us.  He’s doing well and it was good to catch up with him and to know that I’m not the only Cabot High School, Class of 2000 Outstanding Senior that has yet to obtain a Bachelors’ Degree.

Not much else going on. I have been working an extra lot this week so I have been doing little else in between– gots to pay the bills, right… Jenni’s birthday is Friday, so I’m trying to get off work to go out with her.  If any of you get bored/thirsty, you should come see me at work.  I love visitors. 

I have discovered a new favorite drink which I highly recommend– Captain Morgan’s Private Stock.

Tom and Erica were here Thursday night, which was fun.  We ran into all kinds of Cabot people on Dickson and at CW– Tom didn’t believe me that they’re EVERYWHERE in NWA. 

It’s late and I’m working another double tomorrow– night.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday June 7, 2005

  1. OH MY GOSH!  i’ve been wondering how he’s doing…  =)  you know, i had a nightmare that we were having a 5 year reunion this year and i freaked out.  not that i don’t want to see people ( cause i’d love to!) but it was just scary….weird.  anyway, do you know his IM name or anything?  it’d be cool to talk to him again.  and what does Captain Morgan’s Private Stock consist of?  =P

  2. Thanks for hosting us!  Erika and I had a great time and we’ll definitely have to do it again some day. 

  3. tsk tsk, tom was in fayetteville and didn’t look me up.  it’s always funny and random to run into patrick wilson.

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