Sunday June 26, 2005

Ok, I realize that the new girls who work at the tanning place perform at a level of genius I can only dream of– but, seriously, HOW HARD IS IT? How hard is it to set the tanning bed for however many minutes I ask you to? This is your only job! A few days ago, I went to TLC and asked to go in the Super bed for 20 minutes (like I do EVERY time).  I get in the room, get all naked and lotioned up, and THEN realize that the idiot girl, whose job it is to set the bed, has only set it for 10 minutes.  So, my choices are to yell through the door at her to reset it or get all dressed again and go out there and say something.  So, I called her from inside the room.  I get on my cellphone and try to explain to her that I’m inside the tanning bed and it’s only set for 10 minutes.  She says she’ll reset it for 20.  I hang up.  A couple minutes later it’s still flashing 10:00.  So I silently curse her while getting dressed to go ask her AGAIN to reset it for 20 minutes.  I get out there as she is saying, “oh, did it not set? sorry.” I don’t think you’re sorry enough. So I finally get to tan. I’ve been going to this particular tanning salon for almost 5 years now and the people who work there know me when I walk in– I know when they have to ask my name, that I’m going to have problems… [this is kinda like not having to order at the Waffle House anymore– we walk in, food appears within minutes] So, TODAY, I call ahead to make sure the super bed is available.  I get there and, sure enough, there’s someone in the super bed already.  Geniuses.  So I have to go in the stand-up bed.  She tells me, it’s already set, go ahead.  I get in there, get all naked and lotioned up, and push the button to start the bed– nothing happens. So this time, I considered just yelling at the girl thru the wall, but my manners got the best of me.  Instead, I got all dressed and went outside and rudely asked her to start my bed.  So I tan.  I get done and am walking out, when the girl stops me, apologizes, and starts to chat with me.  Apparently, she thinks that since she’s an idiot and I was victim to it, that we should be friends now. In the few minutes following this I learned more about this girl than I know about people I’ve worked with for a year. She is originally from Oklahoma, has a bachelors’ degree in Mass Communications and a Masters’ in Higher Ed, was a GA in Womens’ Athletics, her husband is in the Air Force and is stationed in Korea, she works for Pre-College programs at the University, has a brother who is a Network Engineer for Walmart and works at the home office in Bentonville, and today was her 4th day working at Tan W TLC.  This is twice in one week I’ve had unnecessary drama at the tanning salon.  Ridicurous.

2 thoughts on “Sunday June 26, 2005

  1. For some reason, I didnt expect you to be the habitual tanner type.

    I am sorry they are so stupid.

  2. Sarah not a habitual tanner?? Have you seen the girl?  Can we say Pocahontas?!

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