Sunday June 12, 2005

So we went out for Jenni’s birthday. Keith waited on us at Powerhouse, where we stuffed ourselves silly… he is an excellent waiter.  THEN, we went to On the Rocks to hang out.  We were 2 of about 12 people on the roof for an hour or so, and then every student remaining in Fayetteville for the summer joined us, making it more than a little crowded. Among these people, however, was “The Cabot Club”. Jeffrey, Kenny, Joey, David, Jana, etc… and Aaron Randolph!! who just got home from Greece! It was fun to see everyone and catch up a little. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday June 12, 2005

  1. have you talked to andrew aldridge or heather lately?  i was just wondering how they are.  do you know how to get ahold of either of them?

  2. I see Andrew every time Farmers’ Insurance has a party at Cool Water.  He seems to be doing well. Heather is living in Cabot, I talk to her every once in awhile– she’s having the baby so she’s not doing much. I have her phone number if you want it.

  3. she’s having a baby!!!?  yeah i want her number, leave it on my comments and i’ll delete it after i get it.

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