Sunday May 22, 2005

Yah Les Mis! Yesterday was a seriously long day.  We went to the matinee of Les Mis, where we were interrogated by the crazy old people sitting around us as to where we obtained our tickets.  We were sitting in the dead center of the front of the balcony– we got so lucky! Apparently we were sitting amongst a bunch of season ticket holders and they knew the people whose tickets we were using.  I had called a week ago and those tickets had been returned.  The old people around us were concerned, and didn’t mind asking us about it. 

The show was amazing.  Heck, it is the World’s Most Popular Musical.  There was even a little bit of Seinfeld in the show, which, for some people, gave it some credibility.

Last night Cool Water was closed to the public for a wedding.  There were somewhere around 300 people there– cocktails, appetizers, cake, dinner, the whole nine yards.  It was craziness.  I was bartending with Autumn and Chris and these people were drinking as fast as we could pour it.  It was a big night for CW and a little change of pace– which is nice, especially for a  Saturday night.  AND I have today off! Busy last couple of days and now a lazy Sunday, my favorite.

Becky went back to SA, which is ok. I miss her, but i think we managed to make the 5 days she was here pretty memorable.

Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye…

One thought on “Sunday May 22, 2005

  1. man, i wanted to see les mis.  congrats on the good seats and boo to the old nosy people.  i’ve got a wedding next weekend to go to and i’m hoping that it is like the one you spoke of…i don’t drink often…but boy when i do…

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