Thursday April 21, 2005

Daily Cabotian siting: Tiffany Green.  I only vaguely remember her.  I recognized her but didn’t have any idea what her name was.  I need to call Andrew and find out who she is– she said she went to Westside and she remembered that I dated Patrick in high school. wierdo.

Bike Nite tonight! I’m still excited about Bike Nite.  I’m sure I won’t be in a couple of months.  Tonight is the second one– there are 23 after that! Every week until October.  Last summer it got old.  It rains for about a third of them, so that helps.

One thought on “Thursday April 21, 2005

  1. Tiffany Green.. hmm- sounds familiar.  I’m seeing curly hair.  Does she have curly hair? 


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