Thursday April 14, 2005

So you remember the story about the weird couple who forced their nipple-rings upon me? They came back to Cool Water last night! I didn’t wait on them, thank goodness.  They waved and said hi to me though– i’m beginning to think the nipple-ring incident may have been part of some sick bet. hmm.

Seems last night was the night for all the wierdos to come out– very few regulars were at the bar.  This older man who comes in from time to time, named Charlie, was in last night.  Interesting story about him…  last October he came in with some friends, had a Diet Coke and left me his phone number on a $100 bill.  The next night, he came back and gave me another $100 tip– he said it was because he heard my birthday was the week before… turns out, his name is Charlie Cate– he was the manager of the second Wal-Mart store ever opened.  He was telling me stories about Sam Walton, I looked him up in Sam’s book and he’s in there a lot. So, bottom line, this guy is original Wal-Mart money and he is a multi-millionaire.  You’d never know it, though.

Dave made my favorite Broccoli Cheese soup in the whole world yesterday.  I’ve been begging him for weeks to make it.  It is heavenly.

First Bike Nite tonite!

I swear, I think Monster, Wetfeet, Careerbuilder, and all the other job search engines would be obsolete if people only realized that the way to get a job is to wait tables or bartend.  Whether it be at a Country Club or a nice bar like Cool Water– it’s the way to do it. I promise. 

One thought on “Thursday April 14, 2005

  1. Be strong Sarah. Say NO to those nasty old men.  NO!  Ace doesn’t need a sugar daddy, and neither do you…


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