Sunday April 17, 2005

Brooks is the village idiot on crack.

Jeff thinks I create drama while I maintain that it follows me.  I’m currently at Cool Water.  I’m keying tonight.  I got here an hour early so Dave could leave early– no biggie.  I get here to find a mess.  Anke, Jenna, Brooks, Beth and Matt were supposed to work brunch this morning.  Most of those people don’t usually work brunch so it was going to be a little rocky anyway– but it almost didn’t happen at all.  Apparently Brooks and Beth decided to drive to Devil’s Den at 2am to hang out and watch the sunrise

<interruption: Efrain, our mexican dishwasher decided this is the perfect time to come in the office and clean the walls. He’s spraying bleach and using steel wool to scrub scuffmarks off the wall>

so brooks and beth were out all night.  Beth came in at 10 but had brooks’s phone so Dave couldn’t call Brooks. So, Beth looked like she’d been hit by a truck, Matt came in having eaten some mushrooms a couple hours before, Anke came in complaining of diarrhea, and Jenna had to leave at noon (brunch goes till 2).  Matt went home, and Beth and Anke and Jenna made do.  Brooks stumbles in at 12:45.  I can only imagine what warm fuzzies Dave had to say to her.  I got here at 3– Dave left me with Beth’s bar drawer strewn all over the office, Beth left, Matt came back to watch the bar till 4 and Brooks is walking around in dirty clothes, hasn’t showered, hasn’t slept, she looks and smells like death and she is waiting on tables.  I am thinking– I can’t wait till 4, JJ gets here, she always kicks ass on Sundays, we’ll be fine.  The phone rings– it’s JJ, saying her car won’t start and she’ll be late.  It’s now 4:30, JJ still isn’t here, I’m getting dizzy from the bleach, I told Brooks she has to take a shower and come back to work two parties tonight.  8top at 6 and a 9top at 6:30. 

<Efrain is now spraying down the kitchen with a hose and yelling “oh my gato!”>

I need some Diet Coke.

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  1. You need the All American Chorus. 


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