Monday April 11, 2005

So, it’s been a long weekend but I haven’t updated as the computer was somewhat otherwise monopolized. <warning! that was passive aggressive.>

Friday night I worked billiards by myself, which is no small feat on a Friday night– on top of the fact that I couldn’t talk.  It was a pretty long night. However,  I was waiting on this table of 12ish people and some new people showed up and joined them right before last call.  One of them looked really familiar and I’m sure I was staring.  Then, this guy I KNEW I knew walked up.  It’s official– Cabot people are everywhere.  Andy Schaefer and Eric Whitmire were in Cool Water Friday night.  No one has called me “Tom Martin’s little sister” since Nathan McCarroll was here for New Years’ Eve. They didn’t realize we’re not a college-bar that stays open till all hours so I finally got them to leave around 1am (we close at midnight on weekends).  And there should totally be a rule about asking out your friends’ little sisters. Creepy.

Since I was literally squeaking by the end of Friday night, I told Kelly I would not be coming in Saturday night.  Saturday we took the dog to the park.  Well, first we had to get him a new collar since Callie destroyed his. We went to Lake Fayetteville and Ace got right in the water.  Discovered he’s not very good on the leash, he got tangled up every 3 minutes or so– but he’s cute– he can get away with that sort of thing.  We went up to the University to walk around where in a matter of minutes Ace met two new friends– a pit bull and the fattest, slowest, saddest Basset Hound I have ever seen.  Ace wasn’t all about the Peace Fountain, but he got in anyway.  We took Ace back to Keith’s house as Keith and Don were calling us–

We met Keith and Don and Calvin and Melanie at La Huerta.  Jeff and I decided this was perhaps the most diverse group of couples you could ask for– Keith and Don, Calvin (who’s black) and Melanie (who’s white, blonde and blue-eyed) and their baby CJ, and Jeff and I.  Went to On the Rocks, Jose’s– and ended up, of course, at 716.

Sunday we went to lunch with Keith and Don and crew to the Monte Ne Chicken Inn– which I recommend.  Between the 10 of us, I think we ate 12 chickens. I was so bored to tears Sunday afternoon that I broke down and bought a DVD player.  I also bought Finding Neverland, which I watched almost twice yesterday. I love Finding Neverland.

I was told for the umpteenth time Friday night that I look like Elisabeth Shue.  I would like some feedback on this. I don’t see it.

3 thoughts on “Monday April 11, 2005

  1. p.s. today is laura’s birthday.

  2. Glad to hear that the kid voted most likely to succeed from our high school class of 400 in 1998 is still living in Fayetteville without a college degree and hitting on my sister. 

    I’ve got a ton of time off this summer and I do believe I shall come visit you for awhile.

    Elisabeth Shue and Sarah Martin.  Resemblance?  I say yes.  I wouldn’t enter a look-alike-contest quite yet, but there are similarities.

  3. Finding Neverland is AMAZING!  and i’m glad you liked the picture….brings back old times!  =)  do you ever see my crazy little brother up there?

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