Wednesday March 9, 2005

First xanga post! I’m not really sure if I’m cut out for the Xanga World, but we’ll see.  We all know how excited I tend to get about things and how quickly I lose interest, but, again, we’ll see. 

I’m at work at the University, but not doing much work, as usual.  I check my email every few minutes and chat with Tom and Laura and other seriously productive things like that. 

I am new at the Xanga thing and so far it is getting the best of me.  Things will get better.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday March 9, 2005

  1. yay Sarah’s xanga!!  We can learn how to do this crazy xanga thing together!  :)


  2. Not to worry…I’m the expert on this thing  ;)

  3. Expert?  Try making your own site from scratch.  I know at least one most excellent dude that’s done it.  Not that all of yours aren’t absolutely spectacular, not at all.  They’re just in their infant stage.  Sarah, write about the old Wal-Mart dudes and how they’re trying to take over the world.  I quote the great Joe Dirt, “Life’s a garden.  Dig it.  You gotta make it work for you.”  Joe’s a smart man.

    Love you,


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