Thursday March 10, 2005

Puppy shopping day! I'm going to the Fayetteville Animal Shelter today to see about a dog.  My friend Keith, who I'm certain will show up in future posts, will be keeping the dog at his house.  He has a dog, Callie, who needs a friend so my dog is going to live at his house with Callie. This, by the way, is the the perfect situation for me.

It's also Willy D's night.  Willy D's is the piano bar downtown and since I haven't been working Thursdays lately, we go hang out there.  They call it "Handle Night". You can bring in anything with a handle and they'll fill it up for a dollar. 

Wish me luck with the Puppy Shopping!

One thought on “Thursday March 10, 2005

  1. You suck.  I want to help pick out the puppy!!  :(

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