Monday March 28, 2005

Ohmygod I was beside John Henry at the stoplight today on College!

The only thing goin at work last week is really that Kelly’s pops died and he went to Colorado for the funeral, Rick’s family was on vacation for 10 days, Dave just bought a pizza place in Springdale, Autumn has a full-time job at the University, and I’m supposed to be a student… Everybody was stretched a little thin.  PLUS, one of our full-time cooks got fired, and it was Easter– which is a busy day for us.  Good thing I took the weekend off

This weekend, I went to the horse track in Hot Springs, which was fun.  We only did really well on one race the whole day.  This friend of Jeff’s named “Big Daddy” (whose wife’s name is Sarah Martin, of all things) was giving us horses to bet on.  I think it was the 6th race (out of 11) and he gave us a long shot with 14-1 odds.  Since it was a long shot we only bet $2 across.  Our long shot horse won the race! Jeff was dancing around telling me he was going to kiss the people in the box next to us. That race we cashed about $50. Things went downhill after that and liquor is really expensive at the track so we left after the 10th race.  We didn’t exactly break even and it was storming but it was fun– and I have no excuse for having no pictures to share! There’ll be a next time. Good weekend.  Rainy and cold, but good.

Side note: We rented Saw this weekend.   Mixed reviews.  I have yet to watch the director’s commentary so I’ll probably have more to say after that, but it was alright.  Probably woulda been better on the big screen.  The acting was absolutely worthless, but the premise of the movie was genius.  If they’d had more money to sink into it, probably would have been that much better. 

George Costanza: Do you ever get down on your knees and thank God you know me and have access to my dementia?

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  1. No pictures? I’m sad now.

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