Friday March 25, 2005

Work has been pretty eventful lately.  So Tuesdays are my days to manage at CW.  It’s really easy, more like babysitting than anything else– I don’t bother anyone about anything, things get done, everybody’s happy.  Well this Tuesday, things were different.  The kitchen boys decided that it was boring and slow in the kitchen and they would go play pool.  This is not a big deal and I usually let them and don’t say a word.  Well, Dave (the Chef and Kitchen Manager) was in (off-the-clock) playing pool, so to look like the responsible manager I’m not, I went in to the computer and put John Henry and Matt on break, which means they are not getting paid.  I didn’t say anything to them.  This means that at the end of the night when they go to clock out, the computer will ask them if they want to come back from break and then they’ll have to come ask me to fix it.  It was all in the evil plan to prove a point and I had every intention of adjusting their hours at the end of the night– no problem…. well. John Henry decided that he wasn’t going to play nice and came back to the office and got in my face, yelling and cussing and threatening and whatnot.  Well, since John Henry is a convicted felon and a generally shady person, I decided the safest thing for me to do was diffuse the situation and let him leave.  I adjusted his hours, while he continued to berate me with things like “you’re not a real manager, you’re just a fuckin key holder!, you can’t tell me what to do” “i don’t care if dave is here, fuck dave, dave can go to hell” “no one around here follows the rules, I don’t know why you’re giving me shit” you get the idea… and he leaves.  Matt’s just standing there with a dumb look on his face like “I don’t really know what just happened” I calm down a little and go find Dave.  I fill him in and he tells me not to worry, that John Henry will not be on the schedule next week. I come in the next day to find out that John Henry is not going to be fired after this week’s schedule is over, he’s gone.  Which is kinda a double-edged sword– I’m glad that Dave supported me and fired him, but now I may or may not have a shady unabomber-type after me for getting him fired.  And we all know how I like to worry about things.  So I’m a little worried about the whole thing, but everybody at work seems to be backing me up.  We’ll see what Rick says when he gets back from vacation.

Quote of the day…….                                                          

ChiquitaQ (11:39:18 PM): I just put lotion on, and so I can’t open my chapstick!!
ChiquitaQ (11:39:29 PM): this is an emergency!

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