Friday March 18, 2005

So yesterday was St. Patrick's Day  and was pretty eventful. Laura and Becky are here for a few days and we went to eat lunch with Keith after Becky FINALLY got out of bed.  Then we drove to Springdale to see Ace.  Ace has never been on a leash, really, so I decided to take him out.  We went to PetSmart and let him pick out a toy and meet some new friends.  He likes the car.  Laura tried to let him out of the car at the gas station, but he's smarter than that. Also– he already knows how to sit.  He's the smartest dog ever. 

I had to work at 5 so Becky and Laura and Keith and Jeff and Devon and her friends and Josh and his friends and Lesleigh and her sister and brother-in-law ALL came to see me at work.  It was fun.  I have some pictures of the night, but they're kinda hard to see.  I'll post them when I get them cleaned up a little. 

Today is the last day of school before Spring Break so there's really no one on campus except me.  I have this job.  I've worked off and on in the Orientation office since Summer 2001.  This semester, Peter asked me to help out a couple hours a week and I thought it was an OK idea.  1) I could use the extra money, as I started paying my cell phone and car insurance bills this semester, 2) I'm much more likely to go to class if I'm already on campus for something I'm getting paid to do.  So I DID work 8-11 MWF – which recently changed to 9-12 MWF.  There's a world of difference between 8am and 9am– trust me. It's surprisingly unimportant to me that I could be replaced by a monkey.  I'm here in case the phone rings, which is not often. And most of my time is spent talking to Tom or Laura or Heather online.  That and having random conversations with Janet– the administrative assistant for the office.  Recent topics of conversations we've had include: she and her husband taking beekeeping classes, her trying to convince me to be a DJ at the student-run radio station on campus, her trying to get me to participate in a 5K (which is funny, if you know why), and her cooking chili in the office (which, again, is funny if you know why).  Janet is a piece of work.

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  1. So much for the drama free weekend you planned on.

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