Colt in the Big Apple, Part 1: First-timer

I’ve been waiting patiently for this. Waiting for your attention span to lengthen. Waiting for your tolerance of exhaustion to rise. Waiting for your legs to get strong enough for back-to-back days of walking. Waiting for your interests to come into focus. And this summer was the perfect time. You were ready for one of […]

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On Mountain Time at Mountaintop

We aren’t especially good at taking relaxing vacations. Not physically relaxing, anyway. We hike, run, walk – you name it – and we often joke about needing a vacation when we’re done. But not at Mountaintop. We’ve spent the last several July 4th weekends with the Atlanta Hoods at their mountain house in North Carolina […]

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Buddy’s (Baseball!) Birthday

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too. ― Yogi Berra Buddy, yours is pretty much the only birthday we celebrate around here, ya know. Because it’s your birthday — and the anniversary of our family. And THAT’S something to celebrate. Every year — we pick out the […]

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When things aren’t as easy as they look on the internet :: A Lamzac Hangout Review

Several months ago, I saw videos of the Lamzac Hangout and 100% fell for it. I mean, LOOK. You want one, too, yes? I was in good company because the thing has been on backorder so long I completely forgot about it. But it came in the mail today! So my sister and I rushed […]

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Competitive Sports is a Whole New Ballgame

Jeff, if this is how you feel when the Razorbacks play football… I am sincerely sorry for anything I’ve ever said to invalidate your feelings… I said those words tonight just before cleaning the entire kitchen with my nervous, restless energy. A new season of parenting arrived without warning today.  Competitive sports. Colt’s been playing […]

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That Dress

I am not known for my fashion sense. Last year, I finally came out with it and blogged about my journey to the end of the color wheel and back, but I knew black wouldn’t cut it for the family wedding we attended this weekend. Several weeks ago, as I flipped through my closet of […]

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Reality Check for Super Mom

For weeks, I’ve been secretly patting myself on the back. Keeping all the balls in the air! Work – good! Kiddo and hubby – good! House… clean enough! No one got the flu this year! I’m kinda/sorta/sometimes going to bed at a decent hour! Last week, I spent several days in New York for work. […]

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