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Around Week 5, Project Cabbage really started to pick up steam and my friend Allyson — master of puns — gave us the idea for COLT Slaw. Honestly, until then I don’t know that I’d thought about what we’d do with the giant cabbage once we grew it… After all, I neither grow things nor […]

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This is how we birthday

Buddy, You’re in bed now, though you’re probably still awake reading. It’s become part of my evening routine to go in and turn out your reading light after you’ve fallen asleep — and make sure there’s a bookmark securely between the pages of your latest Harry Potter. It makes me smile. Today was your birthday. […]

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Confessions of a Cabbage Mom

It’s fair to say the cabbage situation got a little carried away. I know. But it’s hard to apologize for fun, harmless, simple nonsense. {If you haven’t been following #ProjectCabbage on Facebook or Instagram — click here to get caught up.} As we approach the end of Project Cabbage, two big lessons are coming into […]

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Buddy, I have plans to teach you things. Important, complex, significant things. I want to teach you how to navigate this world and the unpredictable people in it. I want to teach you responsibility, accountability, humility. I want to teach you to juggle what life throws your way and to pick yourself up when you […]

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