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It’s about time

I kinda hate the phrase 'Time heals all wounds'. It suggests that the mere passing of time will help you get past any amount of pain or grief, that marking days off a calendar will somehow help you feel better. I just don't buy it. What terrible advice to give a grieving friend. "Just hang […]

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Who says you can’t go home?

I just sat here for ten minutes trying to think of a good way to describe the feeling I get when I drive to Cabot. Nada. I don't know. It's weird. I haven't lived there in over ten years, but it's such a special part of who I am. And every single time I close […]

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Possibly my favorite photo of all time

 Laura finally posted some wedding photos on Facebook – which you should be able to see by clicking HERE. The photo above is Colt and my Dad. Poor little guy felt puny the whole weekend of the wedding, so all the photos of him have the poor, pathetic look that makes kids so cheek-pinching cute. But this photo […]

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I just looked in my Archives and discovered I managed to forego a Year In Review post for 2009. How did THAT happen? The year that brought Colt's first birthday, my trip to Africa, The Great Ice Storm, Colt's first air travel, first haircut and first day of "real" daycare. Yeah. Somehow that post never got […]

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I took pictures of everything but the food.

There are probably families out there that ate more food and watched more football and spent more time doing absolutely nothing than we did this week, but there can't be many. We spent about 80% of the weekend on the floor playing. Cars, Legos, cars, dominos, cars. Ninny dragged out some of the Matchbox cars Jeff had as a […]

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