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BUST a Move

It now seems like a hundred years since I wrote this. Can that really have been just six months ago? I don't know how obvious it is from THAT post how doubtful I was that I would ever get to write THIS post, but trust me – it was iffy.  I admitted to Jeff this […]

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Push to the finish!

The race is less than 3 days away! And all of you have been amazing with support and motivation and donations — I can't thank you enough. And I want to make one last push. I'm running on the Saatchi & Saatchi X Team. I've hit my personal goal of $1000 (THANKS TO ALL OF […]

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This could be the 5-hour Energy talking

I never wanna see another treadmill as long as I live. Well, until the next time it rains. Or until the next time it's dark when I want to go running — because I'm a complete and utter scaredy cat. Sunday morning was a breakthrough. I got up early and headed to the park to […]

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1000 Good Reasons

I don't really run. We've covered this. Remember? But! I recently committed myself to running anyway. Because I'm that kind of crazy. And because I have this curious urge to do and try things — that I've never done or tried. That's right, this running nonsense is on my Life List. It's official. Right there […]

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Pows and Wows

I spent nearly every Wednesday night between the first day of 7th grade and the day of high school graduation at Youth Bible Study at Cabot United Methodist Church. It was a midpoint of the week and a time I remember with a smile. One of my favorite parts of Bible Study was "Pows and […]

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