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When things aren’t as easy as they look on the internet :: A Lamzac Hangout Review

Several months ago, I saw videos of the Lamzac Hangout and 100% fell for it. I mean, LOOK. You want one, too, yes? I was in good company because the thing has been on backorder so long I completely forgot about it. But it came in the mail today! So my sister and I rushed […]

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What I’ve done instead of blog this week

Maybe I'll squeeze out some blogging by the end of the week. We're on summer hours around here.

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Distraction Attempt

We DID celebrate Mother's Day around here. And my whole family was in town. And I have MANY photos and stories of our weekend to share. Tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to bed. But not before I post a little consolation prize for you. "Buddy, stand beside it so people don't think we got this […]

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Get Out of Jail Free

Scene in doctor's office waiting room yesterday — SARAH is mindlessly flipping through a magazine and minding her own business. The magazine happens to have a photo of the recent royal wedding on the cover. Of course it does. STRANGER is sitting a few feet away, wrangling a boy SARAH assumes to be STRANGER'S GRANDSON. […]

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Some Days

I've been quiet this week. Well, the blog has been quiet this week. And not for lack of things going on around here, believe you me — it's been a wild few weeks. But I think I've been on overload and not able to get anything filtered through my fingers and onto the keyboard in […]

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