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Yesterday was amazing, but today is even better.

The Oscars are on. I love the Oscars. My undying love for the storytelling of film is truly a post for another day, but the Oscars is a concentrated evening of the best stories and the best storytellers and they all look so sparkly and dangit I just love it all. There was a time […]

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2 Quarts of Self-Awareness for 2016

When Colt was a baby, my friend Nancy highly recommended an item by Pampered Chef – the Quik-Stir Pitcher. The handle pumps up and down, and the fan-shaped panel at the bottom mixes like magic. She swore by it — specifically for mixing baby formula — and I bought one. We never ended up using it […]

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So… balance.

I sat right here a month ago and declared 2014 the year of Balance. You were here! You remember!  And no sooner did I hit “Publish” on that well-meaning vision of the upcoming, reasonably-balanced, appropriately-prioritized year than February materialized as anything but. *sigh* So here we are, March. I belong to a Facebook group with […]

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One man’s treadmill

A few days ago I read a post in my Facebook News Feed that stopped me, made me smile, and think, “yeah!” Without another thought, I tapped “share”. No one ever got a great story from a treadmill. It spoke to me. It said, “staying inside where it’s safe and warm is boring — go! […]

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Mmm. Crock-Pot weather.

I Instagrammed a quick photo of a Crock-Pot meal in-progress tonight, in order that the social media universe might share in my ’tis-the-season-to-give-the-Crock-Pot-a-permanent-home-on-the-kitchen-counter attitude. And y’all ate it up. And enough people asked for the recipe that I decided to make it official. This recipe was originally discovered by yours truly on the first […]

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