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16 going on 17

The Boy will be 17 months old tomorrow and I thought it was high time for a Colt Update. I have let life and work and other whatnot get in the way of my blogging lately, but the little guy has been having a great few weeks.  He continues to have an enviable amount of […]

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Today’s the Day

Those of you who have been following along know that we've gone back and forth several times about daycare. We were leaving Ms. Barbara's. Then we weren't. Still on the waiting list, but moving to an in-between place. Then we were staying at Ms. Barbara's again. The reasons for all the mind-changing are not that […]

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12 Months and Counting

We took the boy for his 1 year well-child check this morning, and – wouldn't you know it – he is a 22 lb 31 inch beautiful specimen of a boy. He is in the 30th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and his 18 inch noggin is 50th percentile. Everyone we saw this morning […]

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With a Little Help From My Friends

You really came through for me. Thanks for all the encouraging and helpful words of advice. We're not any closer to deciding on a daycare – yet! – but I am feeling more confident that we're capable of it. When I was pregnant, we use to remind ourselves that "people have babies every day" and […]

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Reading, ‘Riting, and… Running Scared!

Jeff and I toured our first preschool today. And we have NO idea what we're doing. Is every single stage of parenthood going to feel like this? I know it's only the first one we've seen, but I really felt like I knew enough about snacks and naps and the alphabet to easily feel confident […]

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