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The Best of 2009. Blog Challenge.

What is the challenge? A look back on your year. A time for reflection. A chance to make new friends. __________ Sign. Me. Up. I live for that stuff. So I recently found a website called And though I am 18 days late, I LOVE the idea of taking time during each day in […]

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Friday June 20, 2008

Colt Edmund. Born Wednesday, 18 June at 3:06 pm. 6lbs 6 oz. 19 3/4 inches.

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Senior Walk with Andrew 004

Still here…

I know how disappointed you must be. But trust me – no one’s more disappointed than us. Poor little guy probably can’t handle the pressure — Erika pointed out this weekend that there are people on at least 3 continents waiting for a "The Baby is Here!" phone call! He’ll be here soon enough. I […]

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Who would want to own a house??

I would really appreciate it if all of the utilities and appliances in our house would band together and simultaneously WORK APPROPRIATELY for 24 hours in a row! You may remember the washer issues that we had recently. Turns out that was only the beginning… I have (in the last 10 days) been on the […]

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All kinds.

I know I’ve mentioned that we’ve been going to the park to walk lately, and I wanted to share a few of the borderline-bizarre things that have happened while at the park in the last few days. I absolutely love people-watching and I never dreamed that Wilson Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas would be a prime […]

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