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Ignorance is bliss

There are many individual windows of time during the course of parenting a child that you should not take for granted. Everyone tells you to travel and go to restaurants when your child is an infant because it gets much, much more difficult to do these things as you begin to factor in mobility and […]

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Proper Prior Planning

Schools around here – and probably elsewhere – build a certain number of days into the school year to accommodate potential cancellations for snow. Snow days. They're a gamble, really. If you build in too many days then you have "extra" time in the school year. But not enough and you pay for it later. […]

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While I’m Here

A few weeks ago I posted about completing my second 5K, and – naturally – I celebrated with my friends and family via multiple social media outlets. But one Facebook comment in particular has stuck with me. My Uncle Brian commented: "you've kind of got that working toward a goal thing well in hand, eh?" […]

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Everything is as it should be

I married a really good guy. And I usually show my love and respect for him by NOT writing about him on my blog. Since Colt was born, I've had to push some boundaries by showing Jeff in more photos here and there, but I try to be respectful of the fact that I am […]

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Some people wear many hats.

I have bags.

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