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Happy Friday.

It’s been a slow news week. Here’s a sampling of NW Arkansas grammar for your entertainment –    Sign welcoming patrons into Tony C’s (formerly Fuzzy’s) on Garland in Fayetteville.                      This one is perhaps the saddest. This was hanging in the window of the hair salon at […]

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For the love of…

So my friend Ross was in town this week, and she and I went to dinner last night. After dinner we both ran by Wal-Mart on the way home only to discover that Wal-Mart has (once again) been taken over by ugly and useless Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. On our way to the shampoo/hairspray aisle we were […]

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Happy Birthday Devon (and Keebler!)

 I promised to regale you with tales of my weekend in Dallas for Devon’s birthday – and I shall not disappoint. I drove to Little Rock to meet up with Devon and Niki and continued on to Dallas to stay with Andrew. Andrew lives in the cutest little apartment near downtown – and we all […]

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CW 009

Say it ain’t so…

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28 Sept 2007

On the dot.

So I took this picture a week or so ago – and planned on making fun of it here. Something about inviting you to meet me at the bakery/BBQ on Main Street in Johnson at the strike of goo… But I got distracted and that nugget never made it to the blog before now. But yesterday, […]

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