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Birthday! Again!

It's true. We are low maintenance birthday people. No big parties and no fuss. I suppose it's fair to say we "observe" birthdays rather than "celebrate" them. But somehow, this year, we managed to celebrate twice. Once when my parents were here for Mother's Day back in May. And again when we went to Jeff's […]

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I took pictures of everything but the food.

There are probably families out there that ate more food and watched more football and spent more time doing absolutely nothing than we did this week, but there can't be many. We spent about 80% of the weekend on the floor playing. Cars, Legos, cars, dominos, cars. Ninny dragged out some of the Matchbox cars Jeff had as a […]

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The Great Family Vacation of 2010

I honestly don't know what it is that allows me to believe it's possible to go away for a week with five other adults and one energetic two year old and do any relaxing. But relaxing is boring, right? AND, at the last minute, we had three more join our crew! My Mom's youngest brother Jan and his two kiddos – Elliot and Jessica – drove down from Sioux Falls to hang out for the week. And, as evidenced by the 1,121 photos I took, we had A BALL. (That number is actually NOT an exaggeration. I got a little shutter-happy.)

I'll spare you (and your computers) the heartache and TRY to post only my favorites — but it's still a lot, so click below if you have the stomach for it.

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Define “normal”

This is not the first post I've written about Normal. It's not even the first one I've written about Routine. And how much we love it and depend on it. And naptime, snack time, blah blah blah.   Well.   We had a Grandparent Weekend. It was a Mother's Day slash Birthday slash Graduation slash […]

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Grads and Mamas and Family, Family, Family!

After six years, four schools, and (at LEAST) two changes of the major… Becky is a graduate! Becky is a graduate!   She decided not to walk, but we celebrated anyhow. Mom and I planned a party for Becky and her friends, and we had such a good time celebrating her latest and greatest accomplishment. The cake – […]

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