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Christmas 2014 :: the after-party

Christmas break around here closes out with football, and we are happy Hogs! The Razorbacks had a rough season, but finished strong and BEAT TEXAS in the Texas Bowl last week. Jeff grew up cheering for the Razorbacks and resenting the Longhorns — while I really only joined the crowd in college. But together we […]

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First Tailgate of the Season

Sure, school started and we were “back to the routine” after the summer, but the routine wasn’t truly complete before this past weekend. NOW we’re “back to school”. Hood family fall Saturdays mean college football and everything that comes with it in this town. Usually, we are melting in the late summer Arkansas heat during […]

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Fayetteville. Fall. Football. Finale.

They’ve got a few more games to play this season, but this weekend was the last Razorback football home game in Fayetteville.  It’s been a season of fewer ups than downs — a new coach, young talent, a tough SEC schedule. If nothing else, it’s been a season to get lost in the culture of […]

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1 + 1 = Football

I didn’t grow up with football. In South Dakota – where my parents grew up and where I was born – I had a better chance of growing up a hockey fan than a football fan. No NFL team closer than Minneapolis and no “big” college team closer than the Huskers. So it just wasn’t […]

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Practice makes perfect

Charlie Brown’s got nothin’ on this kid. Football Practice from Sarah Hood on Vimeo. CLICK HERE if you don’t see a video. He is a stickler for accuracy when it comes to his uniforms. The gloves (and helmet and pants and jersey) were all his idea. “Just like the real football players.”

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