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Class of 2027

Dear Colt, Your Paw and I attended a Parent/Teacher Conference last week. Surprisingly, it wasn't our first one and you're only two. They gave us a few samples of your artwork and let us know how you're doing in class. Your teacher told us that you love to play with the trucks and Legos, and […]

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Toddler Truancy

We have a love-hate relationship with the rules at daycare. Jeff and I are both, generally, rule-followers. And we chose our daycare after careful consideration of the facilities, the atmosphere, and the policies. So we knew going in. We knew about the inclement weather policy and the biting policy and the rules about fever and […]

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Where the Boys Are

Colt's birthday fell on Father's Day weekend again this year – as I suspect it will most years. Which is FINE with me. It makes for a fun weekend filled with my favorite boys. On a whim, I sent a camera to school with Colt on Friday in case they did any fun birthday stuff. I honestly […]

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Let’s Try This Again

By this time last week, I'd already been vomited on. More than once. And the week didn't improve much from there. First, you should probably understand that Winter Weather in Northwest Arkansas takes on a life of its own. One minute the Weatherman is predicting a chance of winter precipitation and the next thing you know we're expecting 2-4" […]

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18(ish) Months

I honestly don't know where the time is going. First of all, I'm sitting down to write Colt's 18 month update. And secondly, he's actually almost 19 months old. Somebody get this lady a calendar. My tardiness in bringing you Master Colt's 18 month entry is easily blamed on the people who schedule appointments at his Pediatrician's office. Our first […]

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