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Summer is Half Full

I used to come right out and say it. Summer Hours! I’ll blog when I feel like it!¬†And it helped with the guilt I inevitably feel every time I realize just how much time has lapsed since my last story, and how many precious details may be lost forever to my terrible memory. This summer, […]

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2014 in the rearview

We tried something new during both Hood and Martin family Christmases a few years ago, and we’ve now adopted a new holiday tradition. After dinner one night, we let the dishes sit and we take turns sharing our highlights of the past year. Like many families, we are geographically spread out and we certainly do […]

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2015 :: Enough

Why do these posts always start with an audible sigh? Last year, I boarded the “one word” trend train at the suggestion of my friend, Jackie, and I loved the idea of throwing out traditional New Year’s resolutions in favor of a single word. ONE. WORD. That sounded easier. More manageable. It felt like cheating. […]

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Take a Hike

Tomorrow is August Eve, and I refuse to let July slip by without so much as a check-in. With a quick, confirming glance at the archives, I have blogged at least once in every single month since March 2005 — and there’s no reason to break that kind of record! So. July. Man, I owe […]

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Chat Rooms, Dial-Up, and the Legend of SarahMcow

Once upon a time it was 1994. A Clinton was in the White House, the Olympics were in Lillehammer, and my family got its first taste of the internet. AOL. Or America Online, as it was known then. In those days, a single AOL account was only allowed five screen names and there were six […]

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