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Still tri-ing.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Right? On that note, I did another tri. And it was a lesson in patience and perspective from start to finish. We combined it with a visit to Ninny and Pop’s house and headed to Arkadelphia for the weekend. The 15th […]

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First day of the rest of our lives

First day of the last year of preschool. The countdown to Kindergarten has begun.

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I just couldn’t help myself so I stole my own thunder last week by posting a few photos of our Sisters Weekend to Facebook. But not to worry, there are more! Laura drove up from Dallas to visit for a few days and we had some good ole Sister Time – which doesn’t happen nearly […]

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Usually, I warn you when I go on summer hours, but I guess this year I just assumed you knew. So. I’ve been on summer blogging hours. FYI. Which means, essentially, I’ve blogged on no particular schedule and at no regular interval. This is equal parts freeing and stressful for me as I would really […]

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