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A Race to Remember, indeed.

I truly have some incredible Mamas in my life. Mamas that teach me lessons about love and sacrifice and patience and humor and courage and flexibility and strength. And when one of those Mamas mentioned this event a few months ago, I knew I would be there with her. Now I Lay Me Down to […]

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Getting my feet wet :: SharkFest Tri 2012

It’s been hard for me to determine exactly what drove me to triathlon. Sure there were warning signs, but it wasn’t until this summer came screaming outta the gate at 100 degrees that I knew I had to find something other than distance running to keep my attention for the next several months. I registered […]

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Hoods in Hotlanta!

I knew entering the Peachtree lottery might mean we would actually have to make plans to FLY to Atlanta, and I still remembered the LAST time we flew with this munchkin… Quote from my account of “Baby’s First Flight”:  “…we vowed that there would be no more air travel for the little guy until he […]

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Keeping TIME

I still owe you the rest of the Atlanta Family Trip story and a recap of my first triathlon! But for now, I’d like you all to do me a favor. Well, do yourselves a favor. Watch this. {CLICK HERE if you don’t see a video.} And read THIS. The Foundation launched Project Keeping TIME […]

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Peachtree 2012

This time last year I was running every 5K in the county. I was excited about my new “hobby” and I dragged my poor family to a race nearly every weekend. And while I was busy trying to shave a few seconds off wherever I could, I was also – subconsciously – developing a thirst […]

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